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Integrated UTILITY Billing


With utility billing software for manufactured housing, provide your residents with fully integrated bills, including detailed utility charges and all other resident charges, which can be printed at the property, your home office, your local print shop, or through third-party mail houses. Utility rate research, reviews, and updates are performed by ManageAmerica as part of our services. Allows for multiple tiers, surcharges, seasonal variation, etc.

Fully-integrated bills, accessible when and where needed

  • Print bills at your property, home office, local print shop, or through third-party mail centers (that will print, sort, and send your bills)

  • Easily preview bills online before final printing and mailing

  • Print revised bills, move-out bills, and extra copies whenever and wherever needed

  • Tailor your billing specifics to the real-time needs of your communities and business partners with alternate addresses for snowbirds, lenders, or other off-site recipients


Customized Billing Methodology and Reliable Rate Analysis

  • ManageAmerica works directly with our clients to establish a tailored utility billing methodology, policy and rate structure for each property

  • ManageAmerica will conduct research on a monthly basis to re-certify the rates and ensure that they are current

Mobile Meter Reading tailored to in-the-field realities

  • Quickly and effortlessly collect and upload reads for billing with MA Mobile Meter Reads

  • Customizable for your community’s specific needs

Robust reporting to reduce errors and improve analysis

  • Generates online high/low reports that trap meter read mistakes instantly

  • Provides various other reporting tools, allowing for efficient and effective analysis of utility matters

  • Ends the need for “changes reports,” as balances, move-ins, and other changes are updated automatically


Utility Variance Analyzer

  • Automatically calculates utility usage recovery and charges recovery ratios, serving as a powerful tool to identify potential utility system leaks

  • Comparative analysis of resident utility use and the master meter bill (MMB) use

  • Ends the need for “changes reports,” as balances, move-ins, and other changes are updated automatically

  • Rolling 12- and 14- month history options for easy budgeting 

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