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Resident Portal


ManageAmerica's Resident Portal allows your residents to access their accounts anytime, anywhere. From here, residents can view account and balance information, make one-time or recurring payments, and enroll in electronic billing to receive and view bill notifications via email or text. Our wide range of payment solutions enables residents to pay via credit card, debit card, checking account (with automated check scanning capabilities), money order, and cash, so that you receive payment on time.

View Account Information 

  • Access to online portal 24/7

  • Users can check balances and due dates.

Electronic Billing (E-Billing)

  • Allows for delivery of electronic notifications to residents when monthly bills are ready

  • Provides residents with the ability to enroll in Electronic Billing (E-Billing) to receive and view bill notifications via email or text

  • Saves on postage, paper, and other ancillary costs

  • Ensures quick delivery to residents


Take Payments

  • Allows for fully-automated payments to be made online or via a credit card  

  • Offers fully-integrated check scanning and electronic funds transfer solutions

  • Provides automated processing of returns

  • Enables you to deposit funds directly into your account without a trip to the bank

Auto dial


Generates automated voice call and text message broadcasts to your residents

Key Features 

  • Enables you to communicate with recurring or one-time broadcasts

  • Sends out three types of messages:

    • General Announcements: Communicate community news, weather alerts, utility maintenance and more

    • Payment Reminders: Generate messages to residents with balances due at time of broadcast

    • Late Payment Notifications: Generate messages to residents with balances due who are delinquent

  • Users can easily record their own voice messages for the automated voice calls

  • Users can create text messages with insertable resident specific data fields.

  • System generates message based on resident’s stated language setting:

    • English​

    • Spanish

    • English and Spanish

  • Tracks the status of text messages and calls with downloadable reporting


Generates legal notices for non-payment, rent increases, and general notices, either individually or on a monthly schedule. Resident- and site-specific information is automatically populated into the appropriate fields so that documents are complete and up-to-date prior to distribution. 

Key Features

  • Fully integrated with:

    • Lease Management System (LMS)​

    • Work Order, Inspection & Notice System (WINS)

    • Loan Center

  • Once notices are accepted (approved), copies are stored in the Resident Notes for reference. 

  • Dashboard provides a quick view of commonly used templates and the document batches created by the user.

  • The Wizard provides a step-by-step instruction for a workflow process.

Create and Manage Templates 

  • Generate legal notices for all eligible residents such as:

    • Non-payment​

    • Rent increases

    • Lease renewals

    • Rule violations

  • Create standard templates for letters and notices that are frequently sent to residents

  • Templates can be made available by:

    • Property​

    • State

    • Region

    • Portfolio

  • Edit or duplicate templates, versions, and assignments easily

Generate Documents

  • Data automatically pulled from the system based on the type of notice and the specified criteria and data points

  • Produce documents for individual residents or for the entire community 

  • Produce documents as needed or on an automated schedule

Lease Management System


Never miss a rent increase! Our Lease Management System tracks and notifies you of sites with pending rent increases. Enables you to simultaneously calculate and schedule any type of rent increase, then generate the rent increase documents based on integration with the Document Creation Center. 

Key Features 

  • Allows you to simultaneously calculate and schedule, via a few simple steps, any type of rent increase amount up to six years in advance for the following:

    • Flat increases​

    • Complicated increases based on formula

    • CPI-based increases

  • Increases limited by a minimum/maximum along with increases for any other relevant charges, including, by not limited to:

    • Pet fees​

    • ​Trash charges​

  • Schedule, batch, and program increases based on specific lease/location type

  • Allows you to set or adjust market rent based on current market surveys

  • Admin Center gives you access to:

    • Set up​

    • Assign

    • Edit Rent Tiers and Lease Administrators by property

  • Generates resident notices automatically (for the appropriate sites) based on increase/notice information stored in the ManageAmerica system

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