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Lease Management SOFTWARE


Never miss a rent increase! Our Lease Management System tracks and notifies you of sites with pending rent increases. Enables you to simultaneously calculate and schedule any type of rent increase, then generate the rent increase documents based on integration with the Document Creation Center. 

Key Features 

  • Allows you to simultaneously calculate and schedule, via a few simple steps, any type of rent increase amount up to six years in advance for the following:

    • Flat increases​

    • Complicated increases based on formula

    • CPI-based increases

  • Increases limited by a minimum/maximum along with increases for any other relevant charges, including, by not limited to:

    • Pet fees​

    • ​Trash charges​

  • Schedule, batch, and program increases based on specific lease/location type

  • Allows you to set or adjust market rent based on current market surveys

  • Admin Center gives you access to:

    • Set up​

    • Assign

    • Edit Rent Tiers and Lease Administrators by property

  • Generates resident notices automatically (for the appropriate sites) based on increase/notice information stored in the ManageAmerica system

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