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Interactive property management mapping system


Convert your property map into a user-friendly, online property map that allows you to view ManageAmerica data reflecting delinquency, seasonal occupancy, site occupancy status, and more. The data is color coded and can be easily printed or converted to PDF.  

Key Features 

  • Includes color-coding to reflect common statistics like:

    • Delinquency

    • Seasonal occupancy

    • Site Occupancy Status

    • Rent information

    • Move-ins

  • Offers graphs, charts, and other visual reporting tools that allow you to efficiently obtain a “snapshot” view of various metrics at your property

  • Easily view site and resident information, including ledger details and Origen Resident Screening details, from within the module

  • Print or export a variety of different map views into a PDF for current and future needs, including:

    • ​Site Type

    • Move-In Date
    • Current Balance
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