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Business License Tracking


Track renewal dates for business and operating licenses and/or permits. Store copies of license and renewal documentation. Avoid missing renewal deadlines or paying penalties for late renewals.

Key Features 

  • Track renewal dates for:

    • Business licenses

    • Operating permits

    • Dealership licenses

    • Sales agent licenses

  • Store copies of each license or permit, along with renewal notices and any other applicable documentation for future reference

  • Designate users to receive reminders for upcoming or overdue renewals

  • Easily run customized reports, viewable as a Web Report or export to Excel:

    • ​Search Criteria fields, such as:

      • Property Name​

      • License Type

      • Issuing Entity State

    • Date Range options, including:

      • Month Received​

      • Expiration Date
      • Renewal Date
      • Date Received 
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