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Utility Rate Recertification


ManageAmerica’s team of Utility Billing Experts will perform monthly utility rate research, reviews, and updates so that your utility rates remain current and compliant.

Key Features

  • Maximize utility recovery and revenue

  • Rely on our dedicated team of Utility Billing Experts

  • ManageAmerica works directly with our clients to establish a tailored utility billing methodology, policy, and rate structure for each property.

  • ManageAmerica will conduct research on a monthly basis to re-certify the rates and ensure that they are current.

  • ManageAmerica will update the residential utility rates, as required, based on the pre-determined policy established by the client.

Utility Variance Analyzer


Enter your monthly billed usage and charges into our Utility Variance Analyzer to compare it against your submetered usage and charges, giving you better visibility and unveiling opportunities to maximize utility recovery.


Key Features

  • Calculates utility usage recovery and charges recovery ratios, serving as a powerful tool to identify potential utility system leaks

  • Comparative analysis of resident utility use and the master meter bill (MMB) use

  • Rolling 12- and 14- month history options for easy budgeting


Robust reporting to reduce errors and improve analysis

  • Generates online high/low reports that trap meter read mistakes

  • Provides various other reporting tools, allowing for efficient and effective analysis of utility matters

  • Ends the need for “changes reports,” as balances, move-ins, and other changes are updated automatically

Mobile Meter Reading with ma mobile


Perform a variety of sophisticated functions using ManageAmerica’s proprietary tablet-based application (available on the iOS and Google Play app stores), including uploading utility meter reads directly from the field  


Fast and simple installation

  • 15-minute initial tablet set-up and installation of ManageAmerica’s proprietary tablet-based application (available on the iOS and Google Play app stores)

  • Easy to navigate screens with ability to read meters, upload photos and add notes


Customizable for your community's needs

  • Quickly and effortlessly collect and upload utility reads for billing

  • Modify your meter read route order to match your community practice

  • Prevents wasted work time and entry of reads that cause usage to be negative or greater than a predetermined maximum


No additional Wi-Fi access or separate logins required for existing users

  • After successful sync with system, users read in “Island Mode” where Wi-Fi access is not available in the field

  • Existing users use ManageAmerica logins

  • Easily accommodates “Mobile-Only” third-party readers, so that they can't access any other ManageAmerica modules

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