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Electronic Payment SOlutions


ManageAmerica offers a wide range of payment modalities for residents, all of which are seamlessly integrated into the resident ledger system so that all payments are recorded and processed with ease. Whether payment is made by the resident online or in person, on a one-time or recurring basis, funds are typically received in the owner’s bank account within two business days.

Key Features

  • Allows for payments to be made online via Resident Portal

  • Make a one-time payment or schedule automated, recurring payments

  • Enables residents to enroll in Electronic Billing (E-Billing) to receive and view bill notifications via email or text

  • Provides automated processing of returns that are immediately reflected on the resident ledger, including immediate, automatic charging of NSF and late fees

  • Deposit funds directly into your account without a trip to the bank

  • Take integrated credit card payments on short-term and long-term reservations

Payment Solutions

  • Automated Check Scanning (via Remote Deposit Capture):

    • ​Checks can be scanned directly from your office with a desktop scanner and Internet connection, with automated recall of associated resident ledger eliminating the need for data entry

    • Reduces transportation costs to the bank and make deposits after normal banking hour

  • Checking Account (ACH/EFT):

    • ​Payments can be made on a one-time or recurring basis

    • Option for residents to set-up payment in person or via Resident Portal

  • Credit Card/Debit Card:

    • ​Credit card programs allow for convenience fee to be charged back to residents to cover associated cost

    • Payment can be made via Resident Portal

  • CashPay: payment locations include a wide variety of retail locations throughout the country

  • Money Orders: scanned via same process as checks for streamlined payment

  • Pay via Text: enable residents to pay easily, while on the go

Third-Party Integration

  • Fully-integrated electronic payment solutions in association with select national banks and third-party vendors who provide, among other services described below, check scanning, ACH, EFT, credit card and debit card processing, and CashPay services to banks and bank customers

  • Payments are reflected on the resident ledger immediately

  • Funds are typically received in the owner’s bank account within two business days

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