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Resident Screening Software by origEn services


Custom-designed for manufactured housing community owners and operators, this full-service resident screening suite includes credit and criminal background checks, optional housing searches, and complete residency document generation, with information automatically filled in. E-Signature option is available via DocuSign integration, with completed residency documents stored online.

Key Features

  • Convenient Online Service: Fully automated to deliver credit and background information available while you wait. All data and documents are stored on our secure servers. Fully-integrated with ManageAmerica, so onsite users enter the data one time into a user-friendly interface-no redundant data entry.

  • Consistent Objective Decisions: Approval criteria uniformly applied to all applicants based on client-predetermined criteria and requirements

  • Automated Lease Document Package Production: The same data used to screen the resident is auto populated into your package of residency documents, such as community lease and guidelines.

  • Electronic Signature: Lease packages and other documents can be made available for “e-signature” closings and renewals.

  • Version Control: All documents necessary for the move in process, from application to pet agreements, can be controlled to ensure the currently-approved version is in use.


Lease Document Package

  • Client-specific package of documents

  • Auto-populated with applicant- and community- specific data

  • On-site personnel can print client-approved lease package documents

  • Renewal Lease Document Service with ManageAmerica Integration

  • E-Signature configurable for either in-person or remote signing

Online Screening Platform and Reporting Suite

  • State-of-the-art online software allows you to view your application pipeline 24/7

  • Provides client the ability to enter applicant information for lot rental only, or combine with data for home rental, lease to own, or a home loan.

  • Robust reporting provides crucial monitoring of significant trends, approval rates, and activity data


Credit Reports 

  • FICO scores included

  • Vantage Data Scores available

  • SSN Year of Issuance Verification Included

  • High Risk Fraud Alerts Included

  • TransUnion CreditVision Score available

  • Credit Report Summary Included

Criminal Background Reports

  • National: instant results

  • State: instant results

  • County: non-instant results

  • Employment and landlord verifications

  • Ability to manually run additional searches, as needed


Non-Instant Notification 

  • Alerts client that “instant” background checks are not available when applicant currently lives and/or had lived in a “non-instant” area

  • No need to “remember” non-instant areas at data entry

Housing Search

  • National: instant results

  • State: instant results

Identity Theft, Social Security Year of Issuance (for “Red Flag” compliance) and High Risk Fraud Alerts

  • Address Mismatch

  • Social Security Variation/Validation

  • Consumer Alerts

  • Alerts you when certain data elements and/or applicants’ information has been used in suspect/fraudulent activities

Explore Other ManageAmerica Features
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Drive Occupancy:

Our prospect tracking and automated screening tools simplify the resident onboarding process.

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Get Paid on Time:

Offer residents a wide range of payment methods, all of which are seamlessly recorded in our system.

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Track Inventory & Maintenance:

Manage inventory homes, work orders, renovation expenses, and more.

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Maximize Utility Recovery & Revenue: Let our Utility Billing Experts monitor and implement all utility rate changes so that you never fall behind.

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Keep Your Residents Protected:

Provide residents with an easy solution to insurance, tailored to the manufactured housing industry.

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Dive Into Your Data:

Gain visibility into all aspects of your portfolio, property, and residents.

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Everything in One Place:

Deliver fully integrated bills to your residents via mail, digitally, or in person. 

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Keep Your Residents Informed:

Easily communicate with your residents and manage all aspects of the resident relationship.

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Partner with Industry Experts: 

We're committed to supporting your team's ongoing needs and growth.

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