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Property Management Template Creation Software


Generates legal notices for non-payment, rent increases, and general notices, either individually or on a monthly schedule. Resident- and site-specific information is automatically populated into the appropriate fields so that documents are complete and up-to-date prior to distribution. 

Key Features

  • Fully integrated with:

    • Lease Management System (LMS)​

    • Work Order, Inspection & Notice System (WINS)

    • Loan Center

  • Once notices are accepted (approved), copies are stored in the Resident Notes for reference. 

  • Dashboard provides a quick view of commonly used templates and the document batches created by the user.

  • The Wizard provides a step-by-step instruction for a workflow process.

Create and Manage Templates 

  • Generate legal notices for all eligible residents such as:

    • Non-payment​

    • Rent increases

    • Lease renewals

    • Rule violations

  • Create standard templates for letters and notices that are frequently sent to residents

  • Templates can be made available by:

    • Property​

    • State

    • Region

    • Portfolio

  • Edit or duplicate templates, versions, and assignments easily

Generate Documents

  • Data automatically pulled from the system based on the type of notice and the specified criteria and data points

  • Produce documents for individual residents or for the entire community 

  • Produce documents as needed or on an automated schedule

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