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Work Order, Inspection, and Notice System (WINS)


Developed to streamline the flow of information throughout the inspection, work order and notice process, the WINS (Work Order, Inspection and Notice System) module allows clients to create customized inspection templates to best suit business needs and company practices. WINS can increase productivity and the accuracy, depth, and detail of data collected—allowing you to manage and support your communities more efficiently. WINS allows for dynamically generated, template driven Inspections that automatically sync with the Work Order and Document Creation Center modules. The MA Mobile application enables you to perform a variety of sophisticated functions. 

Key Features 

  • Data in WINS interacts seamlessly with both our desktop browser and MA Mobile application.

  • The WINS module allows your internal WINS Administrator to dynamically create and update WINS Templates for company’s use on MA Mobile.

  • Create and customize WINS templates specific to your company needs for inspections and evaluation of shared community assets and occupied homes

  • Create WINS Inspections for:

    • Home sites​

    • Common areas

    • Community assets

    • Occupied inventory and make ready for vacant inventory homes

  • Complete inspections with the power to upload digital pictures and add notes instantaneously while conducting an inspection

  • WINS Inspections can track community and site information and be set to automatically initiate the generation of work orders and documents, simplifying workflows for users in the field.

  • Process work orders for:

    • Residents​

    • Common areas

    • Inventory homes

  • Create a single, on-the-spot inspection or create inspections for all sites

  • Clean MA Mobile interface is easy to navigate for new and seasoned mobile users.

  • ​Clear icons, designed with the needs of the field in mind, allow users of all levels to quickly navigate the work at hand

  • Initiate inspections from your desk for team members to perform in the field or allow maintenance team members to respond to observed issues while out in the community

  • Inspections are completed in Island Mode while out in the field

  • With set metrics and required photo options, collect the information you require to accurately and professional track the real-time needs of your investments

  • Ensures that evaluations are being performed and the work to be done is being properly documented

ManageAmerica Mobile App is available in Google Play and iOS app stores.

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