With ManageAmerica, your data is secure: we use state-of-the-art servers (which are housed and maintained by Rackspace Hosting) to process and store data, with automated daily backups to ensure your information is always saved. Our configurable user “permissions” settings give you control over which properties your users can access and which tasks they’re able to undertake on our system. For example, you can give an onsite property manager access to their specific property only, while a home office employee may have access to your entire portfolio. You also have the ability to “lock out” any user’s access instantly.

Our team of software experts is continuously working to add system enhancements and new features designed to stay ahead of our clients’ business and technology needs, both today and into the future. And since ManageAmerica is web-based and accessible from any high-speed Internet connection, you’ll never have to deal with software purchases, installation, network configuration or upgrades.