Lease Management System and Leasing Document Center

ManageAmerica’s Lease Management System and Leasing Document Center:

  • Automatically tracks and notifies you of sites with pending rent increases.

MA Website #5- LMS_Landing

  • Lets you simultaneously calculate and schedule, via a few easy steps, any type of rent increase amount (e.g., flat increases, complicated increases based on a formula, CPI-based increases, increases limited by a minimum/maximum, etc.), along with increases for any other relevant charges (e.g., pet fees, trash charges, etc.).

MA Website #5.5- LMS_Calculator

  • Allows you to set market rent for the given market.
  • Gives you the ability schedule and batch increases based on specific lease/location type.

MA Website #6- LMS_Worksheet

MA Website #6.5- LMS_Worksheet_2

  • Generates resident notices automatically (for the appropriate sites) based on increase information stored in the system.