Integrated Revenue Management and Accounts Receivable System

The true power of ManageAmerica is in its ability to handle all matters related to your properties and all phases in the “life cycle” of your residents. The Integrated Revenue Management and Accounts Receivable System makes it easier to process move-ins and move-outs, collect rent payments, implement and track rent increases (specifically, through our Lease Management System and Leasing Document Center) and late fees, report collection information and store your records. Just a few of the features the system provides and enables you to perform include:

  • Easy move-ins with automated pro-rations.
  • Resident Portal for one-time or recurring payment processing, initiation of work orders, communication with management, access to the property calendar and much more (for additional information, see the page titled Resident Portal).
  • Individual resident ledger cards containing full transaction details.


  • Fully integrated bills, including detailed utility charges and all other resident charges, printable at the property, your home office, your local print shop or through third-party mail centers that will print, sort and send your bills (for additional information, see the page titled Integrated Utility Billing).
  • Resident payments can be made via check, money order, credit card or cash. Includes the quick and easy entry of resident, applicant and property income payments, plus the ability to track petty cash.


  • Fully integrated electronic funds transfer and check-scanning payment options are available, so funds can be deposited directly into your account without a trip to the bank. Processing of returned checks is automated, as are deposit slip generation and deposit tracking reports.


  • Comprehensive, real-time, ready-to-print web reports (both stock and custom) with drillable detail can be converted to, and opened directly in, Excel.  Our state-of-the-art custom report writer (for additional information, see the page titled Custom Report Writer) allows users to design custom reports using any of the thousands of points of current or prior period data already stored in ManageAmerica.


  • Reports and support for both cash and accrual accounting methods.
  • Individual user security “permissions” with a complete audit trail, enabling you to track a specific user’s actions on the system.
  • Automated rent increases performed annually or monthly (for additional information, see the page titled Lease Management System and Leasing Document Center).
  • Late fees calculated and applied automatically. Custom late fee programming for each property enables you to specify different “trigger dates” for late fees to each property.
  • Automated legal and rent increase notices, either on demand or set on a schedule to auto-generate on a recurring basis (for additional information, see the page titled Notice and Document Center).
  • Easy move-outs with automated pro-rations.
  • Archived information on former residents for payments, write-offs and marketing.