Integrated Utility Billing

ManageAmerica’s Integrated Utility Billing service:

  • Provides fully integrated bills, including detailed utility charges and all other resident charges, that you can print at the property, your home office, your local print shop or through third-party mail centers (that will print, sort and send your bills).


  • Includes utility rate research, review and updates provided by ManageAmerica.  We work closely with clients to establish their utility billing policy/methodology for each property.
  • Allows for rates with multiple tiers, surcharges, seasonal variations, etc.
  • Is compatible with a wide variety of automatic meter reading systems.

MA Website #12- Enter Meter Reads Screen

  • Uses MA Mobile Technology to quickly and easily collect and upload reads for billing.
  • Lets you preview bills online before final printing and mailing.
  • Generates online High/Low reports that trap meter read errors instantly.
  • Offers an Online Utility Variance Analyzer that automatically calculates utility usage recovery and charges recovery ratios, serving as a powerful tool to identify potential utility system leaks.


  • Provides various other reporting tools, allowing for efficient and effective analysis of utility matters.
  • Ends the need for “changes reports”—balances, move-ins and other changes are updated automatically.
  • Lets you print revised bills, move-out bills and extra copies whenever and wherever you need them.
  • Allows for alternate addresses for snowbirds, lenders or other off-site recipients.