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Data-Driven Reporting


Run reports in HTML, Excel, and PDF format. HTML reports can be sorted and filtered while Excel and PDF reports can be scheduled to run for a specific date and delivered via email on a daily, weekly, monthly, fiscal end of month, or annual schedule that you determine.

Users can run reports in HTML, Excel, and PDF format

  • View up-to-the-minute reports whenever you need them--automatically receive specific, data-driven reports that meet your business needs

  • Reports can be sorted and filtered based on a wide range of data points:

    • Billing

    • Deposits, Prepaids, and Concessions

    • Payment

    • Resident Contact

    • Charges

    • Economic

    • Physical

    • Corporate

    • Community Income

    • Occupancy

    • Reservation

Age Verification (55+) Reporting


ManageAmerica’s Age Verification (55+) Reporting provides up-to-date data to assist with auditing procedures for Senior Communities.

Key Features 

  • Easily identify whether a property is a Senior Community 

  • Require Age Verification data when moving a resident in or adding an additional occupant

  • Include or exclude SOS (Site Occupancy Status) codes from the Age Verification data

  • Determine which fields are displayed and/or required

  • All Personal Identification Information (PII) data is masked.

  • Summarize key data and run reports based on critical metrics and filters to stay compliant with Senior Community requirements

CUSTOM report writer


Custom Report Writer is a state-of-the-art solution that enables users to design custom reports using any of the thousands of points of current or prior period data already stored in ManageAmerica.

Key Features 

  • Provides easy-to-use “drag and drop” navigation

  • Grants “read-only” or “edit” access to your users as you see fit

  • Offers comprehensive, ready-to-print web reports (both stock and custom) with drillable detail

  • Reports can be converted to, and opened directly in, Excel

  • Offers multiple functions, with easy to read pop-up instructions, to Sort, Subtotal, or Filter the reports to produce the desired results

  • Column headers are fully editable for a more customized report

  • Choose from a variety of report categories and data points including, but not limited to:

    • Residents​

    • Age Verification

    • Charges

    • Deposit Detail

    • Loans

    • NSF

    • Payments

    • Properties

    • Storage

    • Utilities 

Loan Center


Chattel loan servicing software accommodates various types of loan structures and schedules, generates amortization schedules, produces loan billing statements, performs recalculation for prepayments, and provides 1098 reporting.

Key Features 

  • Ability to track loans in separate module, so amortization schedules can be set up and payments tracked.

  • Ability to create escrow analysis for insurance and tax impounds

  • Tracks insurance and tax impounds/disbursements, if applicable

  • Offers a quick-view dashboard that displays key metrics

  • Produces loan billing statements, which can be incorporated into your residents’ fully integrated bills

  • Company personnel may view loans, post payments, edit payments, edit ledgers, post payoffs, view all details about the loan, and add/view notes to the Resident Loan Ledger.

  • Includes comprehensive, ready-to-print web reports (both stock and custom) with drillable detail—which can be converted to, and opened directly in, Excel

Posting Loans to Loan Ledgers

  • Clients may accept one or two rent checks for the loan and rent payment with monies deposited in the same account or separate accounts. The rent check funds are posted to the Resident Ledger; the loan check funds are posted to the Resident Loan Ledger.

  • If a loan payment is being made to an entity and/or bank account that differs from the community entity or bank account, the payment can also be made by the Corporate User entering the payment information into the Loan Center.

Interactive property management mapping system


Convert your property map into a user-friendly, online property map that allows you to view ManageAmerica data reflecting delinquency, seasonal occupancy, site occupancy status, and more. The data is color coded and can be easily printed or converted to PDF.  

Key Features 

  • Includes color-coding to reflect common statistics like:

    • Delinquency

    • Seasonal occupancy

    • Site Occupancy Status

    • Rent information

    • Move-ins

  • Offers graphs, charts, and other visual reporting tools that allow you to efficiently obtain a “snapshot” view of various metrics at your property

  • Easily view site and resident information, including ledger details and Origen Resident Screening details, from within the module

  • Print or export a variety of different map views into a PDF for current and future needs, including:

    • ​Site Type

    • Move-In Date
    • Current Balance
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